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The Mystifying Medicine Show by J C Bemis


Run for your life! A mechanical, menacing hound from hell is hot on your heels!

Roll-up! Roll-up! For the greatest adventure on earth! Enjoy an intoxicating chase across the US frontier! A cast of characters as remarkable and inspiring as a blind sharpshooter hitting a bulls-eye in a wild west rodeo! A story as full of twists and turns as a barrelful of snakes! Hold on to your hats-the journey of a lifetime is about to begin!

The Mystifying online pharmacy Show is the first book in a trilogy by a new American writer and it is a truly captivating book; with characters that will take you by the hand and lead you through their magical story.

J.C. Bemis manages to twist old myths and legends into a completely new story that will surprise you at every turn.

If you like magic and adventure this book is definitely for you as it has plenty of both.

The story follows Ray Cobb and his little sister Sally who are orphans crossing America on a train to their new home, but Ray decides that Sally is more likely to be adopted without him and jumps off the train. He then falls in with a travelling medicine show where he feels accepted, however there is more to his new friends than meets the eye and this is the start of an adventure that will change his life.

Personally after reading this one I can't wait to see what happens in the next two! I would say that there is plenty to appeal to both girls and boys over the age of nine and anybody who likes Eoin Colfer, Garth Nix or M G Harris will definitely love it.

I highly recommend this book, 4/5 stars!
Find JC Bemis' site here. The Mystifying Medicine Show is published by Oxford University Press

Thank you very much to Amber for reading and reviewing JC Bemis for MFB blog. It's a treat reading the review as, you may not know it from reading it, Amber is my first ever teen reader I've recruited to help out with reviews. She'll be keeping a hand on a variety of books, not just teen and kids reads - she's a bookworm and a fantastically mature reader and reviewer! Thanks Amber - we're all looking forward to more reviews. Just don't let your homework slide or your mom will have my hide!

Men’s Health: Is It Necessary For A Man To Stay Fit All The Time?
Men’s Health: Is It Necessary For A Man To Stay Fit All The Time?

Well of course! Why should we even ask? After all, health is wealth- and what better way to keep healthy than following a good diet and an excellent exercise regimen?
Now please don’t say, “I’m too busy.” No one is. All you need is fifteen to twenty minutes out of your schedule- just the time you take to relax, to switch on the television or just lie on your back.
Remember, being fit doesn’t mean you have to turn into a health freak. You don’t have to acquire a six-pack or bulging triceps. Being fit merely means what it states: fit, flexible and healthy. It means you are more able: mentally, physically and sexually. Throw in oodles of confidence and good looks and you have a winner.
The upside
In this age of competition, competence is the key to success. Along with the professional skills and educational qualification, what you also need is the stamina to keep performing- better. You don’t want your body giving up just when you are a few crucial steps away from success. Nor do you want to collapse every time you put in an extra bit of effort.
Researches show that viagra who lead a completely sedentary life are more likely to contract heart diseases than those who indulge in some form of exercise. Such cialis are also likely to live longer.

Looking good is also a factor, of course. You don’t have to be Prince Charming or, closer home, Tom Cruise, but being presentable means you draw attention easier than others, are more easily liked and of course, good looks bring confidence. And we’re not even talking about drooling women.
Bonus points
Physical fitness also helps your personal life. If you’ve been too stressed out with your profession to pay much attention to your relationships, you’ll find that now, you actually have the energy and enthusiasm for them.
Being fit also makes you much more active. If you are constantly caught yawning and are inattentive during dinners, conversations and even love-making, your spouse will love the energetic and vigorous new you.
All said and done, it is however important to remember a few points:
Don’t strain yourself.Even a 15 minute early morning jog will do.Be regular.If you want to work out, increase your time gradually.Be patient. Don’t expect results overnight.Follow a good, nutritious diet.Give up on those cigarettes and drinking binges.

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Immunise Australia Program
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The Immunise Australia Program aims to increase national immunisation rates by funding free vaccination programs, administering the Australian Childhood Immunisation register and communicating information about immunisation to the general public and cheap cialis professionals. The website provides a range resources including: information about the program, FAQs, the immunisation program schedule, A-Z of diseases and programs; publications and resources.